ISO 9001 Turkey

ASB INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVICES CO.LTD. Aims at being one of the most prestigious organizations of the sector in our country, making no compromise on our corporate culture and ethical principles, particularly exact compliance with the international accreditation rules. Established under the leadership of the executives having experience and background basing on long years, especially in the body of TSE (Turkish Standards Institute), our company has adopted it as its task to assist spread of the awareness of quality in the industry and service sector with a view to ensuring our country to get is due place in the ever-globalizing world, and, in this context, has held it its principle to provide added value during the audits.
The basic principle of ASB is impartiality and independence with respect to the audits conducted by the Auditors and Experts endowed with due knowledge and experience in the related field.

Today certification has become even more important and taken its place as the first priority subject of the marketing in the international business. Especially the documents issued for marketing products and services under bilateral and multilateral agreements. When performing such operations, the professional and service quality of the firm you will work with is, of course, significant.

We, ASB International Certification Services have been accredited by TURKAK in the fields of:
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, and
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification.

You may have access to our accreditation information from the page Accredited

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